Clothing Exchange




What is Malvern Clothing Exchange?

We are an initiative, to save the planet and help each other, by re-using and recycling  kids' clothes. This service at the Octagon Centre, Poolbrook, is held each Thursday morning for Malvern and Worcestershire families. It offers a free clothes swap service. Bring in your kids' unwanted or outgrown clothes, and trade them for something that fits. You can swap items as often as you want. 

Many charity shops do not offer kids' clothes, or if they do, charge high prices. We aim to help local Mums, Dads and grandparents to afford more for their children, by buying less and sharing more. You may have lots of clothes stored under the bed, but nothing for them to wear!

Each family may take up to 10 items per visit, while stocks last.......  Could add up to quite a saving?

We've been exchanging clothes  at the Octagon for three and a half years and have sent some clothes to charities abroad, saving loads from waste. Did you know that over 235 million items of clothing are estimated to end in landfill this year in the UK alone? Amazing? See the link

We ask  that clothes donations are clean, and are only for children (from 6 months old..... up to teens,aged 14/15 years old.) We are sorry but we don't have space to accept  adult clothes or damaged garments. These are gladly accepted by our local charity shops who sell marked or torn clothes as "Rag", saving them from landfill, which is great!  We do not have this facility, yet.

 Anything we have here for a while is sent for use to other charities. They are welcomed with open arms, as our clothes are of good quality and little worn.  So if your kids' clothes are unwanted, you may send them,via us, to the Sunshine Centre, Poolbrook, run by Action For Children,or to an orphanage in Uganda, or to Ledbury Refugee Support Our main customers, however, are YOU, the people of Malvern. We aim to serve local families first and foremost.

 Orphans at Whisper, Uganda, dressed with help from the Clothing Exchange Emilie with Orphans at Whisper, Uganda


How much does it cost?

Nothing! The Clothing Exchange is FREE for exchanged clothes.

I don't have any outgrown clothes to bring - can I take some away anyway?

Yes you can. Even if you don't have anything to swap, you can choose some items for your child. If you prefer not to swap, a small donation towards our running costs (printing & publicity) can be made, but is not obligatory. Our mission is to provide nice clothes for children and young people in our community by swapping what we have. No-one is turned away & no clothes are thrown away!

Are the clothes second hand?

Most are, and some have been kindly donated by local shops and are brand new. Either way, all of our clothes are inspected by our team and are in good condition. Your son or daughter will look and feel great!